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In order get us all onto the same wavelength, and set the right tone for some warm and friendly forum discussions, we are providing (of course with the consent of the author) a translated version of the essay by A. Belokurov called ‘First Step’.

Every morning, as you wake up – smile and try to evoke a feeling of Love towards everything on Earth: towards your family, your loved ones, and especially for those who you don’t count as your friends. Allow Love to flow from you, like sending a parcel from you personally to everyone and everything. Just wish the whole planet a good day (as our Earth is not just a planet, but a whole living entity), and if you do, your own day will unfold pleasantly. Love everyone as a whole, and each individual being separately.

NEVER (!) wish bad things upon anyone, even if it’s just in your own mind. Negativity can be compared to harmful energy (like illnesses, everyday troubles, work problems etc.) which will soon return to you with multiplied strength.

Don’t judge anyone; don’t measure by your own yardstick, so to say. Even with the best intentions, you can cause serious emotional trauma to a person, which again later will return to you. Don’t take on yourself the job of forgiving or not forgiving. This is out of our human competence, therefore it’s best to adopt the attitude of: “…God will forgive, this is His realm.”

It is absolutely unacceptable to cause any physical harm to anyone, both human and animal alike. This point is rather obvious. To disperse a conflict, all you need is your mind and your voice, not your fists. If physical harm is not motivated by self-defence, defence of your family, or of another person who cannot, for any reason, make a stand for themselves, there is no excuse for it. It is also unacceptable to take the lives of animals and plants for the sake of fun. A good example of this is hunting for sport. Hunters spend money on guns, bullets, licences etc., when they could have spent much less money buying food in a shop, yet they insist on hunting in to receive the pleasure of the kill. Of course, the exception here would be hunting out of real necessity, when there is no other way to procure food.

Money is nothing but a way of realising our desires and our objective material needs. When money becomes necessary in larger quantities than available, step back and think: why is this happening? And another point: you should not love money! It’s good to respect it, earn it and spend it wisely, but it’s highly dangerous to love it.
If you are a follower of any religion (ideally its concepts don’t reject alternative thinking and open-mindedness), by all means, continue meditating, praying, and doing all the things you believe necessary. However, it’s good to remember something: there is no such thing as a person who does not believe correctly. Differences in views and beliefs that come from religious attitudes are absolutely not a reason for wars and conflicts.

Try not to curse or swear, even in your head. If you are prone to it, try giving it up even for a couple of days, it’s really not hard. Immediately, you will feel how, even physically, you will feel better.

Work. This is a complex concept, and approaches towards it can be ambiguous. A person must work, of course, for a number of objective reasons. However, this is not quite what is meant here by ‘working’. It is not necessary to have a ‘job’. However, a person must not be idle either. Personal time should simply be split into “working time” and “free time”, and both of these intervals should be fully and wholesomely filled with various activities and events. Also, it is necessary for your work to bring you satisfaction in the wider sense.

Finally, one last thing! Love yourself and occasionally treat yourself! Reward yourself with small (inexpensive, accessible) gifts, which will bring small elements of joy into your life. Without extremities, try to add positive emotions, happiness and love into your life on a daily basis.

If you are making your first step with me now, soon a moment will come when you will be ready for the second. However, someone else will tell you about it, somebody who, in our current understanding, is not even a person.

With Love to you all,

Andrej Belokurov.

Everyone, please feel welcome here!!! All those who agree with the above words, and especially those who are still unsure! All those who are searching and not yet finding the answers! Please join us here, discuss, and find peace and happiness! With deep respect,

All you need is Love!!!